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Who Are Criminal Lawyers

Criminal justice lawyer is a lawyer who has been trained to work in the criminal justice system. They take care of representing the state or a criminal defendant though the entire criminal trial. They play an important role when it comes to the criminal justice system in a country. These lawyers attain their training during the law school and are also a part of many training and accreditation programs. The criminal justice lawyers need to be licensed by the state bar of the state where they are practicing law. 

What do they do?

They are responsible of bringing a case that is against a person who has been accused in the criminal trial. The burden of the proof, all lies on the prosecutor, who has to prove that the accused is guilty beyond any doubt that might occur. This is due to the reason that a criminal defendant is considered to innocent until he or she proven to be guilty. State or federal authorities’ employee a prosecutor and are often appointed through a local election.

They decide whether or not to file criminal charges

Research the facts and situation revolving around the case to determine if the evidence is enough according to the claim.
Deciding if to engage or not with the opposite attorney for plea bargains.

They interview the witnesses.

Presenting the evidence to the court.

They also maintain relations with judges, court staff, the defense counsel and other criminal justice employees

When do you need a criminal justice lawyer?

If you are involved in a criminal case, you should contact a criminal lawyers Blacktown to help you with your case. Many victims of crime prefer to work with their own selected prosecutor instead of the one that is state appointed prosecutor.

What is a criminal defense attorney?

They are a type of lawyer who defends the criminal defendants during trials. They are also responsible for providing the legal advice, counsel and representation during the complete criminal trial. If the criminal defendant is not able to arrange their own attorney, state usually provide a public defender in this case. Criminal defense attorney work separately through a private defense firm. These lawyers provide the legal service way before any charges are filed against a suspect. For example, they can assist the suspect who are being interviewed by the police or any person of legal authorities.

They assist suspects during interrogations and other procedures.

They also assist during the critical pre-trial phase.

They engage in plea negotiations

They research the facts involved in the case.

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